I’ve been writing this since February of 2013. If I’ve learned anything – I haven’t – it’s that the gulf between what I think is a good post and what gets traffic is incomprehensibly wide. So I put together this page as brief gallery of the posts I’m most proud of, so that they can all be ignored in one place.

Posts on the Middle East

Someday, I’m going to figure out the point of having a graduate degree in Middle Eastern history. Until then, I’m going to write blog posts that the 7 other people in my graduate cohort would enjoy, if I knew what happened to any of them.

This One Story Will Explain the Whole Israel/Gaza War.
A homoerotic story about the Prime Minister of Israel? Why wasn’t this a hit?

The Never Was “Peace” in the Peace Process – Here’s Why
I wrote this post twice. And I also used to give it as a lecture in various places. Somehow, over 15 years, I haven’t had to update it very much.

We Suck At Wars in the Middle East
When I republished this elsewhere, I titled it “Bill Bucknering the Middle East.” That was a better title.

Posts on Music

Help the Ravinia Festival Choose Its Music
I could rewrite this post every year. This one also stands as one of the quickest I ever wrote. I tried tweeting it to the director of the festival, but he was probably enjoying coitus with Darius Rucker at the time and missed it.

A Brief Treatise on the Major Works of Robert Seger and His Contemporaries
Please Stop Believin’
It turns out that no one wants to read assaults on cherished popular songs. So I did it twice (so far).

Waiting: The Hardest Part? Evaluating the Assertions of Petty, et al
I spent two weeks researching and reading articles for this. Totally worth it.


Children of a Lesser Dog
I should go back and rewrite this. Because this happens all the time.

To be continued…


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