Welcome to O’Flanigan’s Brauhaus + Nigiri Bar

Welcome to  O’Flanigan’s Brauhaus + Nigiri Bar!

Our Story

We’re three college friends who met in an Ayurvedic yoga class. Kori majored in Czech folklore, Tyler in Gamelan performance, and Apple designed her own degree in Xicana studies. While working in food service after graduate school, we’d get together to talk about doing something to support the causes we were most passionate about: social justice, indigenous rights, and gender equality. Opening a restaurant was the obvious next step. With the confidence and money of our parents, we were on our way.

At O’Flanigan’s Brauhaus & Nigiri Bar, our passion is authentic integrity. We seek to challenge and transcend the limits of culinary convention, while maintaining a sense of fun in our rustic and homey light-industrial location. Our emphasis is on sustainability and agro-consciousness, without sacrificing quality or accepting the gendered identity of the American food supply. We think you can see our authentic integrity in everything we do, from the vintage taxidermy behind our mahogany bar to the rich hop aroma of our Indiana Pale Ale, to our creative dishes like our bacon-fat pomme frite. 

We believe that food should be honest, sublime, and adventurous. Our authentic southern BBQ is hand smoked, hand pulled, and lavishly sauced with natural corn syrup, heirloom tomato sauce, and our own blend of herbs and spice mixes. Our salmon is never farm raised. Rather, we source our wild salmon from a fishery that uses a gentle fencing technique to pen the salmon in a confined environment making them easier to catch. The open source non-GMO chicken we feature in our savory vindaloos, pot pies, and guisados is never treated with bovine growth hormone, because we think you can taste the difference. That’s authentic integrity.

O’Flanigan’s is the place where concerned and adventurous global citizens can embrace a local diet. Simply put, support for the global environment and support for the local producer go hand in hand. In keeping with our locavore aesthetic, we source all our wine from Midwestern vineyards, so that you can enjoy a delicious Michigan City Malbec, Springfield Shiraz, or Bloomington Beaujolais elegantly presented in a traditional Mason jar. And don’t forget dessert! Our pastry chef’s post-modern technique perfectly complements our poignant main courses, seamlessly culminating the dining experience with sumptuous specialities that are gluten, dairy, and amino acid free.

Of course, we’re about more than food. O’Flanigan’s Brauhaus + Nigiri Bar is the perfect destination for your special occasions and good times with friends. Grab one of one of our craft-brewed malt liquors, sit back, and enjoy our  35 big screen TVs that recreate the atmosphere of an authentic sports bar. For the music fan, every Wednesday evening we have Chicago Blues Night featuring the most authentic blues from the 90s and today.

When you dine with us, you can soothe your conscience knowing that you’re dining in a restaurant that’s as concerned as you are. We carry our passion for authentic integrity to our role as corporate citizens. We believe in investing in the community. That is why we support Greens for Brownsa non-profit that empowers African children with the skills to hydroponically grow heirloom salad greens. We are also a participating training site for the Farm to Table project, where undocumented migrant farm workers learn the necessary skills to bus tables. To see those people turn their childlike wonder into fair minimum wage skills makes all of our hard work worthwhile.

We also have free Wi-Fi.


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