Why Does God Have to Take the Elderly and the Reckless?

Hey Everyone,

Natalee coming back at you! Thanks for checking in for the next post by yours truly. I was originally going to write another dream journal today, because I gotta tell you, I am having CRAY-CRAY dreams about food. Like, I pretty much only dream about food these days. Especially those new banana chocolate chip muffins at Dunkin’ Donuts! You had me at chocolate chip, AND then put a chocolate swirl on top?! AMAZEBALLS.

I also owe you guys a post on my theory that J. Crew is trying to make women all self conscious by making their sizes smaller. Tell me this isn’t happening! Size 6 4 life, amirite? But I’m feeling pretty down today, because I learned on Twitter that Sid “Uncle Miltie” Caesar died. The man was stupid funny!  How can we forget that thing where he would say to that chick  “say goodnight, Gracie,” and the chick would say “goodnight, Gracie!”? Hysterical. And he totally launched the careers of all those Jewish writers, like that one guy who married his daughter. If it weren’t for Uncle Miltie, Jews would still only be famous for killing Jesus. The man was a pioneer of comedy. I think it’s safe to say that without Sid Caesar, there’d be no Grown Ups. We are in your debt, sir!

Of course, I’m still processing the loss of Shirley Temple and Philip Seymour Hoffman. You know what they say: bad things always happen in threes. The Lord works in mysterious ways, I guess. I know that some of you remember PSH from Mission Impossible III or maybe you were old skool and went back and watched Twister. But did you know he was a big theater actor, too? This article in People said that he was a “consummate professional who revealed new depths in the character” when he played a guy named Willy Loman, which is from that play by the guy who was married to Marilyn Monroe! Barney Miller? Anyway, crazy to think that Philip Seymour Hoffman was like one degree away from Marilyn Monroe, right? God bless you both, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Shirley Temple. You went before your time and you will be missed!

Nelson-Mandela-Paul-Walker-Cory-MonteithI hope that we’re not about to have another year like 2013. You guys, I’m still bummed by the guy
from Fast and Furious dying. I don’t remember his name but he was sooo kyoot! I didn’t see The Fast and the Furious, or 2 Fast 2 Furious, or Fast & Furious, or Fast Five, or Fast & Furious 6, but I was excited to see what he would do next. Between him and Nelson Mandela, I spent pretty much all of December looking at People, US Weekly, Star, OK!, and Entertainment Weekly. And then I got behind on TMZ, Perez Hilton, and Gawker. It is just so sad, you guys. You just don’t expect someone to die from crashing into a light pole at 100 miles an hour!

Do not even get me started on Cory Monteith. I will probably start to cry.  Why do God and heroin always have to take the good ones? We’ll never know if Cory or the guy from Fast and Furious would go on to take serious roles like Matthew McConaughey. Remember that movie where he’s a lawyer and he asked that jury to imagine the rape of that little black girl and then he asked them to imagine if she was white? I just watched that again in December, as my tribute to Nelson Mandela. I was in my office when I found out that he died, and I ran and found our computer guy, Jagdish, and I just hugged him and wouldn’t let go, because I knew Mandela did so much for his people.

Sometimes I just don’t understand why old people, addicts, and the reckless have to die, you know? God, please bless these angels who are with you now in heaven. Oh, hey! Someone brought in muffins!

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4 thoughts on “Why Does God Have to Take the Elderly and the Reckless?

  1. You never cease to amaze me. When do you work?

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